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What is the 'Work Immersion' project?

The Work Immersion project is a new collaboration between TASTE Culinary Business Academy and our Advanced Culinary Techniques lecturer, Chef Jon Jordache, who is currently in charge of Alpin's restaurant division in Poiana Brasov. This project has been created for our first year students and is part of their practical courses during the year.
During each semester, our first year students have to complete 160 hours of practical training during our Culinary Techniques & Culinary Skills Application courses. Out of the total number of hours, each student will now spend 100 hours in our cooking laboratories and starting this year, 60 hours will be spent in a real-work environment at Hotel Alpin's Gatsby Restaurant.
To narrow it down, each week, our first year students will spend Mondays & Tuesdays in the academy for 5 hours/day and practice the theories learned in class, and one time during the week will take a 6 hours dinner shift at Hotel Alpin's Gatsby Restaurant and get a taste of working in a real restaurant, under the close supervision of Chef Jon Jordache.

Gain experience starting your first weeks @TASTE!

Feel more secure on your level of knowledge and better prepare for your first internship. The 'Work Immersion' program is your first experience working in a real restaurant, where your food is going to be tasted by real customers, all under the close supervision of your Chef lecturer from class!

Why did we create the 'work immersion' project?

The 'Work Immersion' project aims to add value to the our program by creating a knowledge transfer between the academy and the industry. All activities in this project are in line with each course's training outline and objectives.
Working in a real kitchen with other chefs and serving food to real customers will only enhance our students' understanding of what really means to work under pressure and for real customers.

What are the main activities of the project?

During the practical sessions at Alpin, students will be involved in the following activities:

Preparation of starting dishes - sauces, soups

Preparation of a variety of meat-based dishes

Preparation of a variety of fish-based dishes

Preparation of a variety of sweets and dessert dishes

Preparation of a variety of bakery and pastry dishes

Preparation of a variety of vegetarian-based dishes

What will you learn?

During the practical sessions at Alpin, students will learn:

To produce a range of culinary dishes using different basic ingredients

To use different cooking techniques and heat sources to prepare dishes

To apply basic culinary standards in the presentation and plating of food

To plan, create and develop a variety of dishes of various international cuisines

To apply the appropriate sanitation standards during the preparation and serving of dishes

The culinary skills and gastronomy knowledge needed in a real work environment, serving paying customers

Leadership and supervisory skills and application of business knowledge in a culinary / catering business


Come and meet us!

We would be more than happy to meet you, so visit our academy’s campus and see for yourself what we are prepared to offer.