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Recruitment Events & Industry Partners
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Our partners are hiring

While the COVID-19 vaccine continues to spread across Europe and the US, our international partners are excited to welcome again our students for their 2022 internship season starting May 1st, with maybe some of the best offers yet!
We have more than enough positions to cover all of our students, with more coming our way every month! The future is definitely looking bright, especially for our 2022 internship season!
The recruitment events are special days in which HR representatives of host companies (fine dining restaurants, top hotels) visit the academy to present their property to our students, the career opportunities in their company and to interview the students who are interested to join them for an internship or for employment.
The recruitment events can be organized both on campus and virtual, as a dedicated day to a partner company.
Average number of companies participating / year
Average number of placement interviews / student
% of students who achieved an internship / job placement

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Who is recruiting in 2021-2022?

Here are all the recruitment events for this academic year and the dates when they are going to recruit from us!

Who is recruiting from us?

Learn from and work with industry experts, building connections that secure your place as a respected professional in the industry.