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Program Overview

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Program Overview
Year I and Year II
Year III
Who is the program for?

Year I


Fundamentals of Culinary Operations & Work Immersion  | 7 months
Paid Internship | 4 months
Certificate in Culinary Arts – Cook

Year II


Business in the Culinary Operations | 7 months


Paid Internship | 4 months
Diploma in Culinary Arts – Chef

Year III


Strategic Culinary Business Management


Dissertation | 9 months
BA (Hons) Culinary Business Management
  • Duration: 3 years (6 academic semesters + work immersion + 2 industry placements)
  • Intakes: October
  • Accreditation: ANC (National Authority for Qualifications), Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Internships: 2 mandatory internships, minimum 4 months each

Year I


Fundamentals of Culinary Operations & Work Immersion
(7 months)



Paid Internship
(4 months)
Certificate in Culinary Arts – Cook

Year II


Business in the Culinary Operations
(7 months)





Diploma in Culinary Arts – Chef

Year III


Paid Internship
(12 months)







Year IV


Strategic Culinary Business Management and Dissertation
(9 months)




BA (Hons) Culinary Business Management
  • Duration: 4 years (6 academic semesters + work immersion + 2 industry placements)
  • Intakes: October
  • Accreditation: ANC (National Authority for Qualifications), Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Internships: 2 mandatory internships, 1st placement – minimum 4 months and 2nd placement – 12 months

Program overview in 2020

The 2020-2021 academic year has been a wild ride, full of challenges that we needed to adapt to. We started out by offering a hybrid learning system, combining on-site and online learning, which didn’t last for long due to the pandemic forcing us to move to a 100% online educational experience.

In the meantime, we made sure to take all the sanitary measures possible – hand sanitizers next to classrooms, designated paths for moving through the building, social distancing enforced for classroom seats, modern thermometer at the entrance and periodical sanitizing and ventilation of the classrooms.

On the bright side, culinary practical training sessions were done on-site to the best of our abilities, using smaller groups of students. We gave it our best, even though this academic year ended up being an online experience until the end. Having adapted to these situations helped us improve massively and prepare the best experience we can for the 2021-2022 academic year.


On-site classes to resume in September 2021

We strongly believe that by September, all our efforts to create a safe learning environment will pay off - through vaccination we will reach herd immunity and we will be able to see each other again, on campus. And we are continuously fighting for what we BELIEVE in!

Program overview in 2021

Here are some important aspects we care about when it comes to the new academic planning during the COVID-19 situation (learn more):

We believe in human interaction

Technology is great, but nothing can replace the relationships you build by meeting and talking face to face to each another. We all miss the feeling of coming to the academy and seeing it full of people roaming around the halls. Technology will remain a key support element in the education process, but this time, we will use it together, in a co-learning space, where pen and paper is a thing of the past.

We believe in science

One of the most important things we can offer you is safety. Aside from taking all the sanitary measures needed, the majority of our staff members are already vaccinated and the others will soon be. As Bill Nye said - “Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back.”. We do not only encourage students to get vaccinated, but we have a designated staff member who can help them schedule an appointment.

We believe in the future of hospitality

In the past few months, we have worked with our industry partners to find ways in which we can help them recover, while also finding diverse, quality opportunities for our students. We are here for them, as much as we are here for our students. Everyone needs this to happen: employers, students and schools alike. We are all in this industry together!


Upgrade your resume

Gain the competitive edge upon graduation by adding to your resume a prestigious British degree and up to 16 months of work experience.

What will you learn?

Culinary skills and business knowledge are built on four theoretical pillars in the curriculum design:
Start with the basic concepts and get more advanced as you progress – from simple culinary techniques and safety practices to menu engineering, innovation and design.
Receive a competitive blend of knowledge and skills, fit for aspiring future managers and entrepreneurs – from management and leadership to logistics, sales and marketing.
Become a complete professional by learning how businesses work and how to make them profitable – from business principles to finances and applied mathematics.
Gain all the benefits that are associated with graduating from a reputable international institution – from developing your language skills to research and writing your dissertation.

Our career oriented education helps you gain a competitive advantage over your peers by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this industry and be perceived as a competent young professional, invaluable to any company.


Academic counselling

Receive step-by-step guidance in relation to your academic progress from your year tutor and program coordinator for a smooth, clear and well-structured educational experience.

Where and how will you learn?

Here is why our teaching methods are different:
Learn through practice and by example, under the close supervision of renowned chefs and industry experts, as well as national and international lecturers.
Develop and fine-tune your culinary skills through our well-structured and supervised in-school practical training sessions.
Train your practical skills and experiment in our state-of-the-art kitchens, the best training culinary facilities in Romania.

Become international

Enhance your English knowledge and validate your achievement by acquiring an international English certificate.