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Program Overview
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Who is the program for?
TASTE Culinary Business Academy's Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Culinary Business Management is offered in academic partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.
Our Bachelor of Arts is a transformative student-oriented three year program, concentrating on the specifics of operating a food business. This program blends business management principles with students' passion for culinary arts and has been designed for the ones who want to pursue a career in the global food industry.

Certificate or Degree?

Be more than just a cook - explore the various career options a Business Culinary degree brings and decide what suits you best!

What's the difference?

What’s the difference between a vocational program (Certificate) and a higher education program (Degree) in culinary arts? Which one is best for your needs, and what outcomes can you expect from each?

It takes 3-12 months to complete a Certificate program and 3-4 years for a Degree program.

A Certificate allows you to pursue a job in that specific field of study, while a Degree grants you more opportunities for a career in the culinary field.

Students who pursue a Certificate program are likely to get stuck at some point in their career and will find themselves returning to get their Degree. Why not do it right from the start?

A Certificate program prepares you in a single topic - pastry - while a Degree program trains you in a vast number of culinary & business related subjects - hospitality management, product development, business principles and more.

Unlike a Certificate program, a Degree program offers you the opportunity to go on internships while studying.

A Degree program allows you to pursue a Master’s degree and be part of the 1.1% of culinary professionals who own such a degree. (

A Degree program offers more career opportunities, as graduates have a broader knowledge base and more experience than students who pursue a Certificate program.

A Certificate program suits best people with specific goals in mind, like becoming a pastry Chef. However, a Degree program is more appropriate for people who are not sure about what they want and desire to experience more culinary related subjects to decide, or want to advance professionally towards management positions in a shorter period of time.

Having said all this, you can now make an informed decision based on your needs, goals and preferences. Keep in mind that if you do want to make a worthwhile investment and enjoy numerous career successes, our degree program is the best choice for you.

“Professional chefs need and want an educated workforce and believe the value and benefits one receives from their formal culinary education is worth the costs of obtaining that education” (Colin Philip Roche, Ph.D)


The food industry

Start your career in what is quickly becoming one of the most valuable, diverse and respected industries, globally.

Is it worth investing all this time and money?

Acquiring a degree indeed takes longer than getting a certificate, but the extra time invested is well spent. Most employers in the food business can tell you that having a Degree rather than a Certificate gives you a great advantage over your certificate-holding peers, especially when talking about advancement or leadership positions.

At TASTE Culinary Business Academy, not only do we offer a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Business Management upon graduation, but also a Cook Certificate and a Chef Diploma during the first two years of study.

Many Certificate or Diploma programs in culinary arts or other culinary related specializations charge more per semester than you would pay for TASTE Culinary Business Academy' Bachelor Degree. Why get less value for more money?


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Study in one of the most famous and authentic cities in Romania, blending its medieval atmosphere and natural wonders with breathtaking activities and nightlife.