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2022 Start Dates

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2022 Start Dates
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Early Admissions

Bachelor in Culinary Business Management


Start Date: October 3rd

Application Deadline
EU: September 30th

Turn your passion into your dream career

The culinary industry is made up of those individuals who are passionate about food, love cooking and would like to build a career around this passion. You must provide guests with a culinary experience that will be memorable, healthy and valuable. It is not only about the cooking of food, but also about providing guests with an opportunity to enjoy it as a journey through flavors, textures, smells and experiences.

The food industry involves so much more than just knowing how to cook a good meal. Allow us to share our love for food and culinary business with you and show you how to turn your passion in your day to day job!

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On-site classes to resume in September 2021

We strongly believe that by September, all our efforts to create a safe learning environment will pay off - through vaccination we will reach herd immunity and we will be able to see each other again, on campus. And we are continuously fighting for what we BELIEVE in!

Why should I attend a culinary school?

Pursuing a Bachelor degree, even in the culinary fields, is expensive and time consuming. Are there any guarantees on your investment? What are your options after graduation? What about if you don’t want to cook, but you still want a career in the food industry?

Start with the basics

Culinary institutions set your culinary foundations and teach you the basics of cooking in a professional environment and business principles, alongside industry professionals.

Networking opportunities

Gain access to industry experts you couldn’t on your own, such as chefs, local business people, guest speakers, and even your fellow colleagues, who will one day be respected professionals too!

Access to talented chefs and industry experts

From local thriving chefs to nationally successful entrepreneurs in this industry, you will have the chance to gain valuable insight - ask questions, watch & learn and then apply!

Get exposed to different cultures

Learn about different cuisines around the world, from South America to Europe and Asia, and expand your knowledge about the culture, traditions and history behind each of them.

Travel and visit the world

Working in the food industry means you can work pretty much anywhere in the world, thus you can travel and visit new places starting with your first year of study.

Learn to become a leader

This is the greatest advantage a culinary school brings, in comparison to vocational programs, by expanding your business and management knowledge.

Internships & after graduation job placements

You will have access to opportunities such as internships, graduate trainee programs or even job offers that you wouldn’t have known about if you weren’t enrolled in a culinary school.

Access to professional kitchen equipment

Learn how to properly use professional high-end equipment and utensils, which most home kitchens don’t have, and become familiar with the work environment.

Try new flavours and ingredients

Gain access to ingredients you might not have access to at home, and learn how to combine them in order to create new flavours and tastes, one-of-a-kind dishes and unique experiences!

You love everything food-related and want to be part of this industry

There’s no better reason than knowing what you love and following your dreams. Investing in your passion shows a level of commitment that not everyone can or is willing to do.


Discover Brasov

Study in one of the most famous and authentic cities in Romania, blending its medieval atmosphere and natural wonders with breathtaking activities and nightlife.