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Student Government

The Student Government is a group of students that represents the values and vision of all TASTE community members. It is run and governed by a group of elected senior students, who already know the traditions at TASTE Academy. They are always open to grow their teams, in order to have all the support needed when organizing various events and activities. It’s all about the #tastefamily.

Lead or be part of the Student Government

At the beginning of each academic year, the students who want to make a change and are confident to take in numerous responsibilities run for the Student President position. All the other students vote for their preferred candidate, only after the presidential debate takes place – during one hour, each candidate has the opportunity to share his vision and answer questions from the audience on how he sees this academic year and what are his plans. Once elected, he conducts a series of interviews in order to choose the other heads of department.
Any student can be part of TASTE Academy’s Student Government! Anyone who would like to get involved and make a difference among others gets to apply for a member position in one of the departments.
Don’t be shy! If you have good PhotoShop skills, like talking to people, solving issues, work in a team, are passionate about photography or you just have creative ideas related to events that would help to others grow, have fun, interact, make friends and develop, you have a place in this team!

Student Vice-President

serves as a liaison between the students and the faculty and leads the Student Government. He/she is elected by the students at the beginning of the academic year.

Head of Events

creates, organizes and evaluates student events and activities (parties, shows, theme clubs, workshops).

Head of Marketing & PR + Head of Sales

assists the Student President and implements policies in the Student Government.

Head of Projects

creative and ambitious team, always looking to implement existing projects and innovate new ones.

Head of Interns

assists the students who are doing their internships and supports the students who are looking for internships.

Group Representatives

each academic group is represented in the Student Government and students usually volunteer for such a role and they are elected by the students in their group.