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Student services

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Welcome Week

Welcome Week is always organized at the beginning of the academic year, with the help and involvement of senior students (Student Ambassadors). Through this period, all first year students take part in the orientation program that introduces them to their academic curricula, student services, student government, internships, rules and regulations, dress code, on campus facilities, lecturers, staff, colleagues and many more, everything with a mix of social activities which are meant to connect all TASTE Academy community members. For the existing students it is a “welcome back” to school when the curricula for the next academic year and the new lecturers are introduced.


Briefing Sessions:

• Induction and enrollment
• Full timetable for the academic year
• Campus orientation
• An introduction to the program of study by key academic staff, including the opportunity to discuss students’ expectations of the program and programs’ expectations of its students
• Presentation of School’s Regulations and of Student Handbook
• Services & support available from their Student Services Office and Student Government
• Library, Industry Placements, Career Development and Counselling Services
• Social opportunities within the school, recreational facilities and ‘where to go’ in Brasov
• Formal and informal opportunities to meet other students and academic staff on their program

Resources and Online access


The Academy has a library located on the ground floor. All of the material relevant to courses taught is held at the Library and is available in electronic format. Most electronic resources are available both on and off campus. During the Orientation students are informed about the opening hours, resources available and group study room availability.

Student Email

Each student is assigned a professional email account that they can use in order to communicate with the school and with prospective employers or to create accounts on professional platforms like Linked In. As with all resources provided by the school, we kindly ask you to use the email responsibly and to follow the internet usage rules and regulations.

Online Campus

OnlineCampus is an online platform that keeps you connected to all the important information and events taking place in the Academy. Through OnlineCampus you can have quick 24/7 access to news, schedule, grades, courses, attendance, resources, handouts, online library, information about internships, forms, faculty, student handbook and academic rules & regulations.



Student Counseling

It provides a safe place, separate from your daily life, where you can explore issues or feelings which are causing you difficulty.The counselor will aim to relate to you in a supportive and purposeful manner and assist you in the task of finding your own way forward. It offers you understanding, a feeling of being listened to, valued and accepted in a non-judgmental way.

To whom?

This service is available to any student experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties relating to academic, personal or social problems:
Regardless of your background and whatever difficult situation you may find yourself into, we are here to offer you both space and our full support, in a confidential environment, to work through these difficulties.

Mrs. Ana Leah

If you want to benefit from this service please contact

0268 455 401

learn Your VOICE!

Student Government

All for one and one for all!
Student Government is an entity created by the students for the students with the purpose to facilitate a bonding between the students, faculty and administrative staff. We aim to provide opportunities for shared governance, career and personal development, as well as social events and activities, from theme parties to community service and assistance.

Lead or be part of the Student Government

At the beginning of each academic year, the students who want to make a difference run for the Student President position. All the other students vote for their preferred candidate after attending the presidential debate, during which each candidate share their vision and governing plans and answer questions from the audience.
Any student can be part of TASTE Academy’s Student Government! Anyone who would like to get involved and make a difference gets the chance to apply for a member position in one of the departments.
Don’t be shy! If you enjoy talking to people, solving issues, work in a team, or you just have creative ideas, you have a place in this team!

Student President

Serves as a liaison between the students and the faculty and leads the Student Government. He/she is elected by the students at the beginning of each academic year.

Head of Events

Creates, delivers and evaluates student events and activities (parties, shows, theme clubs, workshops).

Head of PR

In charge of Student Government communication platforms

Head of Projects

Creative and ambitious team, always looking to implement new projects

Head of Interns

Assists both students currently undertaking internships as well as students in the placing process

Group Representatives

Elected reps by each academic group to sit in Student Government

Student Voice

Tell us what you think – your VOICE is heard! During the academic year, our students have the opportunity to give us feedback about their student experience, using different channels:
FOCUS GROUPS – Academic and Service oriented meetings in which you can say what you like and what you do not like, taking place once every semester with a group of students that represent the student body.
STUDENT GOVERNMENT – The entity which you can be a part of, by just being a group representative. This role is important as you serve as a representative of your colleagues and a liaison between them and the academic tutor.
STUDENT SURVEYS – Students' evaluation of academic services