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Orientation Program

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Welcome Week

Welcome Week is always organized at the beginning of the academic year, with the help and involvement of senior students (Student Ambassadors). Through this period, all first year students take part in an orientation program that introduces them to their academic curricula, student services, student government, internships, rules and regulations, lecturers, staff, colleagues and more other things that offers them support, all with a mix of social activities which are meant to connect all TASTE Academy community members. For the existing students it is a “welcome back” to school where the curricula for the next academic year and the new lecturers are presented.

Our students and lecturers will make sure you feel like home by making everything as easy and relaxing as possible.

You will be part of the community in no time by using our badges, notebooks, pens and more.

Make new friends and meet old ones at our social events. We’re not all work and no fun!


During this week, students receive:

- Access to information to support induction and enrolment, including online and paper based materials
- Access to a full timetable for the academic year
- Detailed information about the campus where they will be studying
- An introduction to the program of study by key academic staff, including the opportunity to discuss students’ expectations of the program and programs’ expectations of its students
- Information about where to access the School’s Regulations and presentation of Student Handbook
- Information about the services & support available from their Student Services Office and Student Government
- Information about the support available from Library services, Placements, Career Development and Counselling Services
- Access to information about the social opportunities within the school, recreational facilities and ‘where to go’ in Brasov
- Formal and informal opportunities to meet other students and academic staff on their program