Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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Ioan Enache

Ioan Enache


Responsible for conceiving, planning and delivering the information related to the ‘Business Development and Globalization’ course.

Ioan Enache is a marketing planning and implementation professional, always looking for challenging projects. He has a Bachelor in Economics, a Master in Strategic Marketing and he became a Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing in 2012. Mr. Enache has a valuable experience in academia, as a Lecturer for Marketing classes at various faculties in Brasov, since 2010 and he is a member of the Romanian Statistics Club. He published books, articles and studies relevant to the subjects of interest and research, such as: Innovation as a dominant factor for new product development. Comparative study: Romania – Poland; Understanding the restaurant’s customers. Food choices and business implications; Fuzzy logic marketing models for sustainable development; A conceptual framework for using marketing models for sustainable development; Fuzzy Logic contribution to educational marketing; Euro adoption in Romania: Facts and perceptions. In addition to teaching, he is interested in marketing, services marketing and consultancy. Ioan Enache was a marketing and business consultant for several hospitality businesses in Brasov, Romania

Courses taught at Taste Culinary Business Academy: Business Development and Globalization.