Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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Chef Horia Simon

Chef Horia Simon


Chef Horia Simon successfully graduated European Studies, at Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, followed by a completion of a Master Program in Political Sciences. On a professional level, he started his career in Barcelona, ​​then, back in Romania and for the following years, Chef Horia has obtained the accreditation for professions such as Cook, Chef, Manager in Tourism Activity and a diploma as a Professional Trainer.


Between 2012-2016, Chef Horia Simon was a senior lecturer of a professional culinary training institution. He is a gastronomic passionate and consultant, that being the reason why he has opened his own business, “The Transilva Gastronomic Club”, which is a hub for local gastronomic development. Their activities start from professional training, educational workshops and go through large-scale outdoor events. Chef Horia and his team are official partners of several festivals in Romania, such as TIFF, Electric Castle, Neversea and Untold.