Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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Welcome Employers!

If you have internships or permanent positions to fill in, we would be happy to connect you with our students. Whether you need interns or employees, we can provide the best professionals for your organization. Find here what types of students and alumni our school has, when and how you can recruit talent from our school.

Student Profile

Our students have the necessary skills to successfully integrate in the world of hospitality. We continuously work on our student’s improving their soft skills through various personal& career development services and making sure that the academic curricula is aligned with the industry needs.

Internship periods and duration

Year of study 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Teaching / internship

Teaching blocks

Internship (4  - 5 months)

Teaching blocks

Internship (4 months -  12 months)

Teaching blocks


October - April

May - September

October - April

May - September

October - April

Internship type


Operational internships (FO,  guest relations, F&B)


Operational and administrative internships (Rooms division, FO, guest relations, F&B, events, sales & marketing, HR, business development, revenue management)


Our dedicated staff in the Career Development Office is ready to engage in any cooperation proposal regarding students’ internships and graduates employment.


Alumni Profile

Our graduates are dynamic, culinary business industry professionals across the world. They are passionate about this industry and have the desire to continuously grow professionally.

Upon graduation we aim to have young and talented graduates well equipped with the following knowledge, skills and working experience:


Management knowledge

Willing to work restaurant hours;
Basic to advanced cooking techniques;
Health & Safety regulations;
Complying with environmental rules and regulations;Waste management
How to maximize the products;
Awareness of guest numbers; Productivity awareness;
Have fun and be willing to be of service; Excellent communication skills;
Problem solving, dedication & motivation, flexibility and adaptability;
Show initiative and a pro active attitude

8 - 16 months

Internships between academic years

Leadership knowledge

Financial control / cost control

Operational knowledge

Production & service

Menu construction & costing

Language skills

IT&C abilities (Microsoft Office)


Recruit Online

On our online career platform,, you will find two options:

Recruit our talents:

  • Direct and quick link that allows you to create and post internship and job offers. Follow the link above, click the Recruit our talent button and then simply fill in the necessary fields.
  • The offers posted will immediately appear on the career & alumni platform and all of our students and alumni will be able to reach them and apply if interested.

Create an account on our Online Career Platfom:

  • Registering your company on the platform allows you to create a profile for major visibility and to manage your job offers and applicants better.
  • If you are interested in creating a profile for your company on our recruitment platform please get in touch with our internship and placement adviser.

Other Online recruitment options:

Employers may prefer to interview students via Skype video call, especially in situations where they are located in foreign countries and the number of positions does not justify taking a recruitment trip to Romania. In such cases, our school facilitates virtual meetings between employers and students.

For more details please contact our Placement team listed below.

Contact our career support representative. Let us know about your recruitment needs. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.

Diana Hirjau – Internship & Job Placements Coordinator:


Recruit on Campus

We understand and support the importance of recruiting face to face for positions in the hospitality industry either for internships or for employment opportunities. For this reason we give companies the opportunity to recruit students directly on campus.

A day dedicated just to your company will be allocated to interview and recruit future interns and graduates shortlisted with our careers department. For more details please contact Placement support team, listed below.

Contact our career support representative. Let us know about your recruitment needs. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.

Diana Hirjau – Internship & Job Placements Coordinator: