Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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Industry Placements



Internships are designed to provide students with a guided introduction to the professional working world. All students are eligible for an internship and can access one by talking to the Internship Coordinators in the Student Services Office and/ or access our online career platform.

How do they help?

Internships are part of our student’s Career Timeline and they will help you:

  • enhance your academic knowledge with field experience, related to your own career interest, in a variety of settings
  • combine learning with working
  • take the skills that you have acquired and put them into practice
  • develop new skills and gain knowledge
  • explore and apply academic theory in the professional world
  • pre-professional career training experiences with intentional learning goals
  • move to the next career step and grow professionally

You can choose from a variety of internship opportunities depending also on your own skills and abilities.

Internship facts

  • can take place only in fine dining restaurants and 4* or 5 * hotels and resorts, in Romania or worldwide
  • can be paid or unpaid(click herefor more information regarding fees and expenses in internship)
  • usually, for internships, employers offer compensation, meals and accommodation, hands-on training and certificates of completion/recommendation letters
  • training hours: willing to work restaurant hours
  • the Academy will closely monitor your internship
  • you will be able to: build new skills, travel, have fun, meet people from different cultures and earn your own money

Internships Structure

There are two main internship sessions that each student needs to complete during their stay at TASTE Academy. Apart from these two internships, each student is free to further enhance his/her working experience if the program allows.

1st Internship: 4 – 5 months between the first and the second academic years, depending on the chosen internship

2nd Internship: 4 – 12 months between the second and the third academic years, depending on the chosen internship


Online Career Platform

It is a hospitality network of 202,000+ members, students and alumni from hospitality schools, professionals in the hospitality industry and 2800+ top companies in the industry worldwide, offering 37,000+ career opportunities worldwide as jobs and internships.

Students use our online career platform to get hired, make connections and keep themselves updated with news from the industry and to continue learning new things. The platform brings together the best talents, schools and employers of the hospitality industry into an innovative online community. Use your professional profile on the platform to find internships and jobs, get hired, make connections and keep learning.

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties in registering or other issues regarding the online career platform by contacting us at