Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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Year I and Year II

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Program Overview
Year I and Year II
Year III
Who is the program for?
Year I

Fundamentals of Culinary Op.

The first part of the program is focused on studying the basics of the culinary business environment, acquiring practical experience and understanding the culinary business fundamentals at an introductory level.


By the end of Year I, students will have developed their culinary skills, while understanding the principles and practices within the world of gastronomy and business. A significant amount of time will be spent in the culinary laboratories, balanced with time spent in the classroom to learn about food, production and nutrition.


The fundamentals of business principles, accounting and sales & marketing will add to their understanding of the culinary business environment.
Year II

Business in the Culinary Op.

The second part of the program is focused on advancing the students’ culinary skills by introducing patisserie, while intensifying the focus on business management within the culinary world.


While other courses focus on leadership and management in business and human resources, planning and designing menus extends their culinary perspective.


These aspects are critical to their ability to implement business knowledge and culinary skills when they become a manager / owner of a culinary business.
Year I

Semester 1

  • Culinary techniques
  • Food Safety & Sanitation
  • Intro to Gastronomy
  • Business Principles
  • Logistics
  • Academic Writing
  • Extra English

Semester 2

  • Culinary Skills Application
  • Nutrition
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Hospitality Calculations
  • F&B Management
  • Business English
Year II

Semester 1

  • Advanced Culinary Techniques
  • Recipe Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Research Methods
  • ESL High Intermediate

Semester 2

  • Patisserie
  • Menu Design & Engineering
  • Hospitality Management & Leadership
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management
  • ESL Advanced

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On successful completion of the courses above, together with the examination for the Diploma in Culinary Arts – Chef, a student qualifies to enter the Degree top-up year, accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University.