Being successful in today’s world of gastronomy demands both a high level of culinary skills and an awareness of business insight from industry professionals.

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2019 Start Dates

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2019 Start Dates
Application Process
Early Admissions

Bachelor in Culinary Business Management

Start Date: September 24th

Application Deadline
EU: September 16th

Bachelor in Culinary Business Management

Start Date: September 24th

Application Deadline
Non-EU: TBD*

*Please contact our Admissions team at


Is this is the most suitable career for you?

The culinary industry is made up of those individuals who are passionate about food, love cooking and would like to build a career around this passion. You must provide guests with a culinary experience that will be memorable, healthy and valuable. It is not only about the cooking of food, but also about providing guests with an opportunity to enjoy it as a journey through flavors, textures, smells and experiences.



In order to succeed you need to be

Food focused

Creating, making and providing food must be a passion. Having more than a foundational level of culinary knowledge needs to be a priority for your future career.

Business focused

In today’s world, the culinary industry is more than just about putting food on a plate, but about meeting customer expectations and budgetary requirements. To be successful as a business owner and have the vision to delight and appeal to discerning consumers is at the core of being a culinary entrepreneur or business manager.

Organizationally skilled

Successful business means having the ability to plan, organise, lead and control places, processes, procedures and people in your culinary venture.

Interpersonally skilled and customer oriented

Success in the culinary business world depends on developing a team who is passionate, quality-oriented and committed. You will be leading this team.

Multiculturally oriented

International culinary teams are commonplace. Respect, consideration and acknowledgement of strengths and contributions lead to recognition of each team member’s role and value.

Motivated, energetic and passionate

High expectations from a discerning consumer demands high levels of motivation, energy and passion for culinary delights from you.