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Women’s Month Interview #7 – Women of TASTE – Oana Coanta

How was your career experience in the Culinary Industry?


It was a relaxed curb, I didn’t hurry one bit. I went through all the phases in a correct manner, I made a lot of mistakes from which I both have and haven’t learned. I make some even now 🙂


What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?


The fact that I’ve learned how to work with people and how to coordinate them with pressure but correctly. It’s a profession that’s hard as hell, you have to have a good psyche.


What skills should women develop before they enter this industry?


Develop them or even better, have them from the start. They have to have a very good psyche. Then, be firm and organized. It’s a man’s world, let’s not forget, they are used to work with gestures, they are more tight lipped, and a bit rougher. There’s not much room for other people’s emotions, nobody is going to really admire your new hairstyle or the pink on your tunic. 🙂


Any advice for women who want to start a Career in this industry?


Don’t expect anything, work a lot, study and look to the best of the industry for inspiration but don’t feel obligated to copy them. Also, don’t work expecting praise from your colleagues, but rather work for the people that come to eat from your hand: the clients.

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