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Welcome Aboard! – New colleagues in the #TASTEfamily

Starting this summer, we are happy to announce new colleagues joining our family in the Student Services, Marketing and Academic Departments. Most of them are not strangers to us, being American Hotel Academy alumni.

Maria Olteanu

Maria just graduated a BA in Law at Transylvania University and now is pursuing a Master’s degree. She describes herself as a perfectionist, a team player and an excellent communicator. Her life goal is to become the best version of herself and to help people develop themselves in order to positively impact the community. Maria is determined to make a positive difference in the world by contributing with anything she can from her role in the community.

Ruxanda Afteni

Ruxanda is an American Hotel Academy alumni, from both the BA and MSc Programmes. She started her career path while studying and continues it now with a career in education.  The new Student Services colleague is a curious and ambitious personality that enjoys dealing with people and lives with a “How may I be of service?” mind-set, which is an obvious sign of passion for the hospitality industry. The life – learning experiences and the openness to constant improvements in the personal and professional fields are considered by Ruxanda to be the recipe for advancement.

Both Maria and Ruxanda work within the Student Services Office as Internship & Job Placement Coordinators and serve as the link between employers and candidates / students. They will facilitate internships, jobs or management training programs for students and graduates, ensure the daily activities of the Placement Office and maintain tied relationships with partners in the hospitality, culinary and IT industry. You can reach out to them in the Student Services Office during office hours or by e-mails:

Istvan Gociman

Istvan is also an American Hotel Academy alumni, from both the BA and MSc Programmes and our new Digital Marketing Designer. Istvan is a positive and easy-going person. He believes that learning is a lifelong experience. A can do attitude and the thrill of challenges are a combination he believes in. Balancing professional and personal lives is the key to happiness, or so he says. He started his career as an F&B intern followed by waitering and working in hotel sales. He also dipped his toes into hotel consultancy. An avid gamer, he likes all things digital and believes that gamification is the pillar of engaging people.


Istvan’s main goal is to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. The online advertising strategy implemented by Istvan consists in a unitary communication campaign which includes a mixture of digital actions (creating funnels, email marketing, landing pages and ads on social media among others).

Diana Cucu

Diana is creative and kind, but also organised and meticulous. She might have a fiery temper sometimes, but that stands only as proof that she is really passionate in what she does and that she does anything in her power to make the things that she loves happen. As a bright young mind and an advocate of hard truths, she is always fighting to bring out the best in people and actions. Diana will have two roles to fill in with different responsibilities – she will be one of our new Marketing Representatives and Content Editor. As a Content Editor, Diana is responsible for creating content for the social media platforms and websites, under the guidance of the Sales & Marketing Director.

Ionut Nan

Ionut is a creative and artistic person, who has always had a soft spot for art in his heart. He is a very fast-learner, passionate for everything he does. Ionut believes that as long as you love what you do, you don’t have to work another day in your life and with this mind-set, he is dedicated to encourage a healthy work-environment. Ionut will have two roles to fill in with different responsibilities – he will be one of our new Marketing Representatives and Graphic Designer. As a Graphic Designer, Ionut is responsible for creating graphic content, promotional materials, also planning and executing marketing campaigns to create meaningful and relevant designs, under the guidance of the Sales & Marketing Director.

As Marketing Specialists, they will both work together with the Head of Marketing Research and Top Management to perform market analysis and strategies, as outlined by Top Management briefs.


Diana and Ionut are both American Hotel Academy graduates from the BA Programme and are continuing their studies with the MSc Programme. They started their journey with us as students, continued as interns for our Marketing Research hub and are now working with us on project-based objectives within the Marketing Department. Also, they work closely with Istvan to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of the news on websites & social media, online marketing campaigns and advertising actions. They can all be reached in the Marketing & Sales Office during office hours or by e-mails:

Imola Malicski

Imola is also an American Hotel Academy graduate from the BA Programme, continuing her studies with the MSc Programme. She is a passionate, hard-working and dedicated person. With valuable experience in the hospitality industry, she has learnt the importance of time management, developing great organizational skills. Do you know the saying Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today? Well, Imola’s reinterpretation for this would be Today’s work should have been done yesterday as well! Imola is a veritable perfectionist with a zest to life, curious mind, can-do attitude and independent mind-set.


Imola is our new Academic Officer. She is a key member of both American Hotel Academy and TASTE Culinary Business Academy Academic Administration team, responsible for servicing the Academies’ committees, the student administration & record keeping, the coordination of assessment (scheduling, printing written exams, invigilation assignments), managing collaborative faculty postings on eCampus (course materials, assignments, grades, attendance) and supporting faculty academic activities. You can reach out to Imola in the Academic Office during office hours or by email:

We are very happy to have new colleagues joining our family and we wish them all the best in their new roles!